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The Winnar is Sydney!'s Journal
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Monday, August 15th, 2005
10:18 pm
He's Coming Closer...WHOMP WHOMP
You heard it here first people:

Thursday, March 24th, 2005
4:45 pm
the official 2manyazns tribute to the one and only NIK FISH.

(dj style transcribed by nadz0r)


Mwop mwop mwop mwopmwopmwopmwopmwopmwop



*chime* (chime)


Chime chime chimechimechime chime chimechimechime chime chimechimechimechimechimechimechimechimechime

*scratch scratch*
Sunday, March 13th, 2005
2:06 pm
"turn it up!"
i don't understand why people go to see bands and then either spend the entire night heckling them, or talking loudly over their music.

i say if you are going to talk through the entire 90 minute set of some band, you should have the decency to either go outside, or stand up the back so you don't disturb the people who are actually there to see the band.

and i don't understand why people who are clearly fans of the band they are going to see and are very familiar with their music (i presume, from the fact that they knew all the words to the songs) would spend half the night complaining to a band who is renowned for writing slow, quiet tunes that the music is too slow quiet and constantly requesting "FASTER SONGS!" and asking them to "GIVE US SOME ROCK!"

/end rant
Sunday, February 20th, 2005
12:26 pm
Observations from Jacques Lu Cont Last Night
I HATE guys (not being sexist, I've never seen a girl do it) who insist on WHISTLING along to DJ sets. FUCK, if a DJ wanted to add whistles to their track, they would do it. They don't need some dolt to stand around and whistling obnoxiously to it while piercing the ear drums of everyone around.

I also think people should check themselves when they're hearing a song they know and want to sing along to it. Here's a tip, if there's no vocals playing, it's because it's a bridge section. And you're going to look like an even bigger loser when the chorus comes back in and you have to start again, singing the part you just sang.

Girls who wear high heels out - why??

Guys who take their shirts off, sweat profusely, bang up against you and have nothing to show - why??
Saturday, February 19th, 2005
7:42 pm
Your Own Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode song that is crying out for a trance remix:

Depeche Mode song that is crying out for a dirty electro remix:
New Dress

Depeche Mode song that I would play in almost every single set because it's just the best:
Enjoy the Silence

Depeche Mode song that I would play at every single summer festival I did:
Just Can't Get Enough


Seeing Jacques Lu Cont tonight, I've heard he can produce AND dj!!!
Thursday, February 17th, 2005
11:23 pm
OMG Mum, Mylo Said Rudes!
I would like to dedicate 2ManyAzns to every single sub-standard DJ I've seen who has not only made a lot of cash from being an international DJ but manages to explain any poor technique with the fail safe 'But I'm a producer!!

Felix da Cocksnap, I'm looking at you. And ever since seeing you 'DJ' twice (this is debatable, seeing as you pretty much played the same set twice), I went back and listened to your album "Kitten and Thee Glitz" and that track I used to think was kind of cute "Voicemail with Miss Kittin", isn't a diversion or a masterstroke of production - IT'S JUST YOU BEING A LAZY FUCK AND PUTTING YOUR CELEBRITY VOICEMAIL ON YOUR ALBUM JUST SO WE KNOW MISS KITTIN CALLS YOU.

In Australia, the Good Vibrations festival is hitting our shores. Mylo is out here and is doing about 123098 gigs in Sydney (ok, 3 - abnd he was just here in October). Everyone knows he's a shit DJ. I've actually seen him DJ and once again everyone claimed he was a producer, when his skillz were criticised. Ok, "Drop the Pressure" was kind of fun the first time. But certainly not the 10123th time. Motherfuckersmotherfuckersmotherfuckersmotherfuckersmotherfuckersmotherfuckersmotherfuckers gonna DROP THE PRESSSSSSSSSURE *enter modulation*. OMG MUM, MYLO SAID RUDES! And it's going too long! Another modulation to keep the interest! And every single person is going mad for it, except for the hater Nadia in the corner!!

ANYWAY, the real point of this point is I heard his single "Destroy Rock and Roll" where he creates a song by getting a generic 80s beat and saying through a vocoder a list of 80s musical artists/bands. Surely this doesn't pass as music!? You can't write an electro track just by reciting the names of bands from the 80s?? Surely I'm not being jaded about this? When did the mere statement of "DURAN DURAN ADAM ANT THE EURYTHMICS DURAN DURAN DURAN DURAN" become a new hit electro sensation?
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